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How easy is it to use?
Very easy, if you can use programs like Word or Excel you will have no problems using the Admin Panel. To make things as easy as possible, there are also WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors with ‘drag & drop’ capabilities, so you can visually edit and manage your entire website with ease.
Where can I see a demo?
A demo is available at
Where can I see a complete list of the shopping cart features?
All the features are listed on our shopping cart features page.
Do I also need to buy a website hosting package?
Yes. You will need to have a Host that supports PHP and MySQL. You can bring your own or we can recommend a reliable solution.
Is the software secure?
Yes, the checkout process uses SSL encryption to ensure that all details are protected.
Can it automatically tell me when I have a new order?
Yes, you can set up email notifications so you will receive an email at any stage of the order process you choose.
How am I able to accept money online?
We provide a host of various options including PayPal Standard, Paypal Advanced, Paypal Pro, Amazon Payments, 2Checkout, Authorzie.NET, WorldPay and many more. So you can accept payments from pretty much anyone, anywhere, anytime.
I have hundreds of products, is it easy to add them to my shop?
Yes, you can import (and export) to the shop using .CSV files making managing high numbers of products easy.
Is there any easy way to contact all of my customers with, for example, a special offer?
Yes, the integrated Newsletter tool makes contacting customers a piece of cake. You can also incorporate the “coupon” feature to provide special offers and discounts directly into each customer’s personalised newsletter.
Do I need to buy additional software to create invoices etc.?
No, you can generate invoices, packing slips and modify and manage your orders all from your Admin Panel.
Do I need expensive software to resize my product images for my shop?
No, when you upload your images, our software automatically resizes them and optimises them for display in your shop.
What shipping methods does the shopping cart support?
The cart currently support the following shipping methods: Flat Rate, Weight Based, Price Based, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, DHL, or Canada Post.

What's new...

  • New soft cart features
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • Royal Mail shipping