About Our Company

 Possessing your own business can be your dream, passion, need or a part-time hobby but surely running a business can be a tedious task. Especially if you’re a small/medium company or working solo, in which case you have to manage each and everything yourself.

From managing the budget, allocating the resources and delivering the product, things go crazy and time runs short. This is when you need a shoulder to share your load. From e-bay stores to home based online businesses, MaxxFusion can be your one-stop solution for e-commerce shopping cart, web hosting and system consultancy.

Being in business for 10 years, Maxxfusion’s friendly and low cost e-commerce solution, award winning web hosting with no setup fees and covering all aspects of your system’s stability makes it just a right choice for small and medium sized business owners.

With proven track record for e-bay stores and small to medium sized online businesses, Maxxfusion truly understands the value of time and money. That’s why at Maxxfusion we make sure that our products and services are up to the mark. Having over 5 years industry experience and award winning solutions, Maxxfusion’s e-commerce solution offers variety of options for you to pick from a rich featured shopping cart and reliable, hassle free web hosting to suit your requirements. So dig in here for more company overview or simply contact us to schedule and appointment.

Maxxfusion mission

Nearly every company’s mission is client’s success but not every company seek clients with limited resources. At Maxxfusion, we realize and understand that for a small to medium sized business owners, spending each buck is crucial, hence we make sure that every cent you spent is worth the outcome. 

Best Strategies

Every business is different and so is every client for us. Understanding your requirements and devising best possible solution is what plays a vital role in success, both mine and yours. Maxxfusion with its proven experience defines success as a cumulative win-win. Being always there for after setup maintenance and upgrades, we make you feel secure, someone to turn to when there are any hitches, paving for a long term successful relationship. Moreover effective and honest communication, makes sure that you get what you need no matter in which part of the world you are.

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What's new...

  • New soft cart features
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • Royal Mail shipping